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Buying one of the Rackets from the new El Lobo collection with Babolat, you get a free t-shirt from the collection.

To get the free t-shirt, add the racket + the El Lobo t-shirt to the cart and use the coupon: El-Lobo
*Only available in Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom

el lobo

Juan Lebrón is a professional padel player who since 2019 has occupied the 1st position in the world padel ranking. He plays in the drive position alongside Ale Galán from Madrid, with whom he has been a couple since 2020.


Tecnical Vertuo Juan Lebrón
Technical Veron Juan Lebrón
Tecnical Viper Juan Lebrón
Hooded Jacket Juan Lebrón
Cotton Tee Juan Lebron
Shoes Jet Premura 2 Juan Lebron
Crew Neck Tee Lebron
Short Juan Lebron
Racket Holder Juan Lebrón
Mid Calf Socks Juan Lebron
Tecnical Vertuo Juan Lebrón
900 AED
Technical Veron Juan Lebrón
1,250 AED
Technical Viper Juan Lebrón
1,750 AED
Tecnical Vertuo Juan Lebrón
Technical Veron Juan Lebrón
Technical Viper Juan Lebrón
Hood Jacket Juan Lebron
Cotton Tee Juan Lebron
Crew Neck Tee Juan Lebron
Short Lebron
Racket Holder Padel Juan Lebrón